We can help you present and move your products and services.

We can help you to identify which of your key products and services are sustainable, profitable and well-suited for todays market.

We can make your key products visible and available to the general public. We have the infrastructure and resources to present your message both globally and locally.

Internet marketing

We have a huge variety of spaces, both owned and rented, on a broad range of high-traffic websites. Your campaign, in the form of any kind of advertisement container, can be made visible to the millions.

Undercover marketing

Look back at any normal day in your life during the past few weeks. You will find that you have been exposed to undercover marketing at least three times if you look carefully.

You have probably heard of product placement on television and in movies.

Product placement marketing is just as effective in real life as it is in movies.

We have a huge, international network of marketing personal who are doing some kind of marketing for us. They are normal people and what you would call popular people, people who are in the center of social clicks and are out there, living social lives and are seen. These people can do a broad range of things on your behalf.

They can all wear your top or your shirt and constantly tell their surroundings how happy with are with it.

They can get your latest technological device and use it and talk about it everywhere they go, always remembering to inform why they like it so much, how much it costs and where it can be purchased.

They can talk about your rock album on the subway and other crowed places like shopping-malls and so on. We make sure your brand becomes widely known and positively viewed.

All custodians involved with undercover marketing are asked to sign a confidentiality agreement. If someone asks them if they are doing anything for us then they will deny all knowledge and involvement.

Undercover Internet marketing

The Internet allows you to use a broad range of advertisement channels to get your message known.

Some facts about on-line marketing:

  • Banner advertisements generate very few clicks.
  • Good text-links generate more clicks than banners
  • In-line text-links generate most clicks and most productive traffic.

In-line means that your product or website is linked to as part of a normal blogg entry, news article, games review or any other specialized website.

Your brand will be presented underlying some other kind of interesting content on sites with high traffic targeted to your demographic preferences.

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